Today's Timetables

Timetable Friday 31st October 2014

  • Group fitness
    • 6:15 AM SPINNING 45m Cycle studio
      6:15 AM BODYSTEP 60m Group fitness studio
      9:15 AM CIRCUIT 45m Group fitness studio
      9:15 AM BODYATTACK 60m Group fitness studio
      10:15 AM CXWORX 30m Group fitness studio
      10:45 AM BODYSTEP 60m Group fitness studio
      12:00 PM YOGA 75m Group fitness studio
      5:30 PM SPINNING 45m Cycle studio
      6:00 PM SH'BAM 60m Group fitness studio
  • Aqua
    • 7:30 AM AQUACISE 60m Indoor Pool
      9:15 AM AQUACISE 60m Indoor Pool
      6:30 PM HIGH INTENSITY 60m Indoor Pool
  • Suitable for pre/post natalSuitable for pre/post natal
  • Suitable for familiesSuitable for families
  • Suitable for seniorsSuitable for seniors


  • New Energy @ Ashburton

    24 Oct 2014

    Ashburton YMCA’s Environment, Sustainability and Operations Coordinator, Lachie McLean, brings renewed vigour to energy efficiency at Ashburton Pool and Recreation Centre. Read more

  • Win a $3,000 Travel Voucher

    20 Oct 2014

    From our neighbours in New Zealand to the Balinese beaches, what country would you explore with a $3,000 travel voucher? Read more

  • Meet the Managers

    25 Sep 2014

    You will have the chance to discuss what excites or concerns you about the renewal and the Centre as well as provide feedback and suggestions. Read more

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