Women-only swimming

At APARC, women can come together and enjoy swimming in a female-only environment.

Once a month, APARC offers women the opportunity to have the pool entirely to themselves. We have female lifeguards on duty and all women are welcome. Boys under 6 years old are also welcome to join with their mothers.

Women-only swimming provides a place where ladies can feel comfortable and relaxed while enjoying a healthy and fun activity. It also provides a great chance to get together and bond through exercise.


Women’s Only Swimming is held on the first and third Sunday Nights of each month from 8pm to 10pm


$6.60 per person
$17.20 per family (Max 5 people per family)

The private Women’s Only Swimming allows women of all ages to enjoy the pool, spa and sauna whilst under the care of qualified female staff.

To find out which nights Women’s Only will be run or for further information, please don’t hesitate to contact Yvonne Kyriakos at the Craig Family Centre on (03) 9885 7789.