Aqua Aerobics & Programs

Group Fitness Timetable

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Sunday 17 February 2019
Sun 17th February 2019
9:30 AM AQUACISE (Indoor Pool) 60m
  • Suitable for pre/post natal
  • Suitable for families
  • Suitable for seniors


Sun 17th February 2019
8:15 AM AdrenalineHIT (Functional Zone) 45m
9:00 AM Hatha Yoga - Beginners (Wellness Studio) 60m Suitable For Pre/Post Natal Suitable For Families Suitable For Seniors
9:00 AM Strength 45 - Kon (Functional Zone) 45m
9:00 AM BODYSTEP (Group Fitness Studio) 60m
9:15 AM SPINNING (Cycle studio) 45m
9:30 AM AQUACISE (Indoor Pool) 60m
9:45 AM Adrenaline HIT - Kon (Functional Zone) 30m
10:00 AM YOGA (Wellness Studio) 75m
10:00 AM CXWORX (Group Fitness Studio) 30m
10:30 AM Sh'bam (Group Fitness Studio) 60m
11:30 AM BODYBALANCE (Wellness Studio) 60m Suitable For Seniors
3:15 PM ZUMBA (Group Fitness Studio) 60m
4:30 PM BODYPUMP (Group Fitness Studio) 60m
5:00 PM Yin Yoga (Wellness Studio) 75m Suitable For Pre/Post Natal

Contact Details

  • Ashburton Pool and Recreation Centre
  • 8 Warner Avenue
  • Ashburton VIC 3147
  • T (03) 9885 0333
  • Suitable for pre/post natal
  • Suitable for families
  • Suitable for seniors

Get Active with our aqua aerobics, aqua movers and gentle water exercise classes run by qualified instructors.

Water exercise is a great low impact activity to keep you healthy and fit. Aqua sports are run by qualified instructors and provide a safe and gentle environment for exercise. The programs we offer are:

Aqua aerobics

We have a number of different programs and class styles on offer. No matter what age or ability you are, we can provide a comprehensive workout that leaves you feeling great. We provide floatation devices, music and qualified instructors to take you through the routines. Classes are run in our 25-metre indoor heated pool.

Aqua movers

We have a range of classes available for our over 50s members. The low impact workout is a great way to keep fit and keep moving while having the protection and resistance of the water around you. Our qualified instructors take you through steps at a slower pace to give all participants the support they need. Classes are run in our warm water pool.

Gentle Water Exercise classes

Run by a qualified physiotherapist, we recommend these classes for people with disabilities, injury or sensitive joints. Your workout will be in our purpose-built warm water pool and tailored to your health and fitness needs.

Contact the centre to discuss which water exercise class is best for you.