Have you seen our new Healthy Choice Cafes?

  • Date: 01 May 2017
  • Category: General
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Did you know that one-quarter of Australian children and almost two-thirds of adults are overweight or obese!?

Society is littered with marketing for junk food products. It’s impossible to walk down the street, catch public transport or even fill up your car without being bombarded by images of unhealthy food choices and sugar ridden drinks. Kids are particularly susceptible to the persuasive powers of food marketers who seek to build brand loyalty among young children and capitalise on pester power.

The Boroondara Leisure Centre Cafes are striving to lead the way in the community by encouraging families to make healthy choices whilst enjoying our facilities. In 2017 we will be ‘Cutting the Junk’ from our cafes by swapping unhealthy snacks and beverages for healthy choice options!

You may have already noticed some of the changes we have made in our cafes including; the introduction of traffic light stickers on all of our products, the reduction of sugary snack food, and the removal of all soft drink and sports drinks. Although these changes have already made a huge impact we still have a lot more to do…..

To help us celebrate and launch our Healthy Choice Cafes there will be a Pop Up Information Stand appearing in the BLAF centres from the 1st to 5th of May.

The stand will include:

Kids Games
Healthy Choice Information
Menu Samples and tastings

Visit the stand and have a chat with our Healthy Choice Experts to learn more about our new look cafes and the work we are doing to ensure that the Boroondara Community is a healthy one!