Functional Training Seminars

  • Date: 01 August 2017
  • Category: General
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Across the four Boroondara sites, we are hosting training seminars including Squatting and Movement & Mobility for our members.

Learn some basic skills and techniques to get you moving more efficiently and getting more out of your workouts.

Seminar 2: SQUATTING
Break down the fundamental movement pattern of the squat and how you can vary it using different tools. During this session, you will work on your front, back and overhead squat.

Times and dates are as follows:

Ashburton: Movement and Mobility Seminar - 21 August 7.00pm

Ashburton: Squatting Seminar - 11 September 7.00pm

Hawthorn: Movement and Mobility Seminar - 19 August 10.00am

Hawthorn: Squatting Seminar - 2 September 10.00am

Boroondara: Movement and Mobility Seminar - 22 August 6.00pm

Boroondara: Squatting Seminar - 28 August 5.00pm

Kew: Movement and Mobility Seminar - 7 September 6.30pm

Kew: Squatting Seminar - 31 August 6.30pm