Celebrating Facility of the Year

  • Date: 22 August 2017
  • Category: General

It was a cold and windy winters night, but that did not stop the members at Ashburton Pool and Recreation Centre coming together to celebrate winning the ARV Facility of the Year award for 2017.

The main café and entrance area was transformed into a red carpet themed party, attracting the young and young at heart to come together to enjoy some finger food and music. Laughter rang out throughout the centre as swimming lessons children danced together and their parents enjoyed catching up to discuss the win.

More than 300 members passed through the party, taking their picture with the award and sharing stories of the many years they have spent at the centre.

"I remember when they were building the place," said one long-time local resident. "I became a member that very first month, so I have seen the centre go through a lot. This award is so fantastic and very well deserved. I love it here."