Our Mission

Our Mission

There’s really only one way to be truly healthy.

In the world of health and fitness, the conversation often seems to focus on the “me” rather
than the “we”, the buffed body rather than the happy heart.

We have a different view. We believe being healthy is about more than just personal fitness.
True health comes from building strong bodies AND strong feelings of connection within our

It’s about being healthy together.

And it comes as much from sharing a smile with the person in the next lane as it is does from
doing that extra lap.

From sharing the gym equipment along with sharing your workout tips.
From shaking hands with the opposition at the final siren, regardless of the score.
From learning someone’s name as well as a new exercise.

This is the healthy we focus on. For everyone; young, old, the able and less able.
And it drives every decision we make, from the exercise classes we create, to the types of
memberships we offer.
It’s why we focus on long term relationships rather than short term fixes.

Because a truly healthy, happy community is one which gets healthy together.