Brush Strokes or Swimming Strokes

It’s never too late to get fit! Boroondara Sports Complex (BSC) member Christopher Sheldon is proof that at any age you can hit the gym and change your life.

In 2015 Christopher, a retired teacher and artist, decided he was ready to get competitive again and became a member at BSC. Since then Christopher has competed in a number of events including the Swimming Sprints at the 2017 World Masters in Auckland, New Zealand.

Now 70, Christopher has reached another incredible achievement, participating in the swim leg of the 2018 World Ironman Pescara. He competed as part of a relay team and completed his first ever open water swim in 35 minutes.

Though he was the oldest, and possibly heaviest competitor, nothing could hold Christopher back. The Iron Man was a high class event and despite never having completed an open water swim, Christopher knew his tough training regime at BSC had him prepared.

Now Christopher has set his sights forward and, as long as his body is able, is hoping to not only compete in the 2019 FINA World Championships in South Korea, but finish in the top ten!

You can check out Christopher’s artwork here: