Bio Scan the Key to Unlocking Motivation

Ashburton Pool and Recreation Centre (APARC) member Padima Lee was in the dark about her heightened risk of stroke or heart attack until her trainer Karella suggested she have a Bio Scan.

After the introduction of the Evolt360 bio scanners at APARC, Karella recommended that Padmia make the most of this technology and have a full body scan. The scanner is able to measure a range of key health indicators, such as visceral fat, body composition and water retention, giving members an insight into their overall health.

“Seeing that my visceral fat was in the red section sent shock waves through me,” Padima says.

“I didn’t want to end up having a stroke or heart attack due to my visceral fat being too high and carrying too much weight for my height. The scan was a real life changing experience”.

Since her first Bio Scan, Padmia has commenced a training regime under the constant guidance of Karella. The new program focusses on cardio to assist with weight loss, while also incorporating strength work. Padmia has also been assisted by her supportive husband, the couple have worked together to ensure their diet now includes low fat, healthier options.

Padmia’s ultimate goal is to lose 25 kilograms and, after losing 8 kilograms in the last two months, she is feeling better than ever and well on her way to living a long and healthy life.